Saturday, September 23, 2006

vegan recipes for kids!

baked oatmeal
healthy breakfast cookies

lunch & dinner
fettucini with sundried tomato pesto
garlic linguine
open chi-chi sandwich
our favorite yummy, yummy macaroni and cheese

oaracopuwape balls
pineapple creamsicles
raisin walnut balls

muffins and breads
carrot muffins
peach cobbler muffins

citrus pear walnut bread

blueberry scones
orange coconut strawberry scones

mint chocolate chocolate chip cookies
pumpkin cookies
zucchini raisin cookies


Health&Strength said...

Thank you so much for this it is the best thing going for my kids. I am new at this but I want healthy kids meat free. My youngest is allergic to everything and the vegan diet is closest diet that will suit her needs. Thanks again and keep them coming!

connors_mummy said...

<3 ur site!!!!! thankyou 4 the yummy recipes!!!!

Anonymous said...

I would like to use your recipes for a publication with your permission. Please contact me at, I can give you more information on why I would like to use your recipes.

Please place vegankids in the subject box.


Anonymous said...

pasta is is made from eggs.. so a couple of your recipes cannot be classified as vegan.

Anonymous said...

well her recipes would be vegan if you use the appropriate kind of pasta

Anonymous said...

Yes, there are many pastas that are egg free. There are also gluten free pastas (ie no wheat). These pastas are made from rice, corn, quinoa and/or tapioca. Just go to Whole Foods Market or the Natural Section of your local grocery store (where there are gluten free items)

Heidi said...

Wow! This gives me hope that we can do this. My husband and I are both in need of some serious dietary changes for health reasons. Not only is the thought of going meat-free daunting for us, but even thinking about feeding our kids is overwhelming. This is sooooo helpful. Can't thank you enough.

TanyaDevany said...

ahh, my children are allergic to everything too - so good to find fresh meat-free ideas

Marion Cunningham said...

I am a new vegan and trying to find vegan food that my children would like is always a challenge. Thank you for sharing you amazing recipes. I have allot more cooking to do.

Anonymous said...

I am trying to make the change to Vegan from Vegetarian and am having a hard time feeding my children. Thanks for all these great ideas. I can't wait to put them to work for my kids. Your substitution list is extremely helpful.

putra said...
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Eric Parker said...

Your recipes idea so amaizing,One thing is most important that your recipes are use meal for children , which are best for all children's health.Really that is greate job.